Much more than a childcare brand

Kiokids is a magical world that will delight children and adults alike, a fun-loving gang of pets that live in their own unique world and have their own language, KioLanguage. They are very expressive characters, created from soft lines and pastel colours, with very special personalities

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Safety is our priority

Our Engineering and Quality Department, specialising in child safety and European guidelines, performs a rigorous analysis of every product, ensuring maximum quality and compliance with all safety standards.

Internationally recognised external laboratories certify full compliance with every requirement, as in the case of the absence of Bisphenol A compounds and heavy metals, which are very damaging to the health as well as checking that no pieces smaller than the permitted size can work themselves loose.

At Kiokids we want to give you all the information regarding the safety of your baby, and that is why we make our team available to you so that they can answer any query you may have or contribute with interesting and useful advice. Contact us!

We are parents toos
The needs of families are constantly evolving. An experienced team of educational psychologists and engineers is devoted to the study of tendencies and the analysis of new habits, to enable us to offer products specially designed to suit not just baby, but also the parents of today.

Society demands easy-to-use items that are durable, practical and comfortable, and that is why at Kiokids we place great emphasis on the functionality of our products. We seek flexibility, innovation and an ergonomic design. After all, we are parents too.

But Kiokids does not merely offer functionality. We want your baby to be unique, and that is why our design department works all-year-round to create exclusive models and collections specially made for the catalogue you will only find at Kiokids.

From the patterns of our textile collection to the decoration of the childcare accessories range, each article has been devised with fun child-like motifs and plenty of colour, making them very attractive not just for children, but also for parents.

Also, the packaging of each product has been designed to protect the contents from external damage and during transportation and storage.

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